Saturday, 21 November 2009

BR 9F Evening Star Locomotive Chassis

Having virtually completed the tender (apart from painting) it was time to start on the very daunting task of assembling the locomotive chassis and footplate.

This part of the model as detailed by Bob Jones in his instructions is very delicate and complex and consists of approx 200 parts some of which are tiny.

The start of chassis construction, due to the large size and flex of the main frames i added a third spacer to keep the frames rigid. PCB spacers are ready for fitting.

PCB spacers now fitted and you can also see the cylinder plates and slidebar brackets in place but not fixed.

Wheels fitted for show and yes they do run all in contact with the rails. The gearbox has also been assembled.

Work has started on the footplate including the detailed front end.

Looks like a BR 9F still a fair way to go though.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

BR 9F Tender

Progress has been fast on building the tender for the Evening Star to the point at which i can go no further

Currently waiting for motor/gears and some detailing components from the association shop my attention has been spent on the finish of the model ensuring all minor details look correct.

All that is required once i receive the parts is to apply some fine Milleput in the small holes and gaps that are around the tender.

All images shot using a Canon EOS 350D 18-55mm

Until my parts turn up i will start on the chassis of the locomotive.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

2mm BR Class 9F 2-10-0 Evening Star (Fence Houses Foundry Kit)

Having been a member of the 2mm Association for many years i thought it was about time to make my first model, what better challenge than a 9F.

I previously modeled in N-Gauge but never produced anything substantial, then i moved up to 7mm and built one DJH Locomotive kit but my roots are with smaller scales so i returned to the 2mm.

I was too late to plan and enter anything for the Jubilee Layout Challenge so my plan is to produce a working locomotive fit for a layout instead. Why a 9F? well i saw the kit from Bob Jones and just had to have it and hopefully over the coming months my blog will encourage others to get cracking with their models.

I have chosen to model the last steam locomotive built by BR the Evening Star, the first thing i did was visit the real thing in the Swindon Locomotive Works Museum.

The kit from Bob Jones is very well presented and prepared with comprehensive instructions on CD rom.

As you can see there are many bits (very daunting to a first time 2mm modeler).

The tender chassis, as you can see i am using the Simpson 'springing' system, better be worth it!

progress so far, tender frame built along with the tender footplate.
More updates to follow shortly once i have stopped dropping bits on the carpet floor!!!